Corner View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Medical Care

Medical Services

At Corner View, our medical team is expert in their fields and in their empathy.

Wound Care

Our specially-trained team uses tissue analytics and partners with the U.S. Wound Registry to provide the most advanced wound care available.

Tissue analytics

Wound mapping

Personalized diet plan to stimulate healing

Diabetic wound care

Pain relief

Antibiotic administration

Daily monitoring and dressing changes (as prescribed)

Meet The Wound Care Team

Respiratory Services

Corner View is one of the only skilled nursing facilities in the region that can accept complex respiratory and tracheostomy patients.

Tracheotomy care

CPAP and BiPAP therapy

Bronchoscopy assistance

Airway assessment and management

Pulse oximetry

Routine nebulizer therapy

Meet The Respiratory Team


Corner View’s highly-skilled speech, occupational and physical therapists give your loved one their all — with all the gentleness and comfort they can give.

Swallowing therapy

Post-stroke speech therapy

ADL retraining

Fine motor therapy

Seating and mobility

Muscle strengthening

Pain management

Restorative therapy

Meet The Therapy Team

Supplemental Services

When all your loved one’s services are on-premises, you and they can both live calmer lives knowing all the help you might need is right there.


Bladder scanning

Mobile digital imaging

Eye exams and glasses prescriptions

Pharmaceutical services

Dental checkups and treatment

Podiatric services and treatment (including toenail cutting)

Hearing tests and hearing aid prescriptions

Blood lab services

Transportation to dialysis

Meet The Supplemental Services Team

Meet The Team In Person And Discuss Your Loved One’s Care.

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