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Choosing A Facility Is A Big Decision.

Don’t see your question? Call us during office hours or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If we accept your insurance, you are covered. In the event that your loved one needs to stay longer than their policy allows, we will work out a payment plan and help you apply for financial assistance.

We don’t want that, either. Understand that many patients who insist on going straight home end up back in the hospital, either for the same issue or because of complications. If your loved one continues their care with us, they have a much better chance of not only going home but staying home.

Our on-site nutritionist informs our kitchen staff of any food allergies our residents have. Together, they make sure that no resident is served any food they can’t tolerate. The same goes for residents with other medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

If the hospital decides that your loved one is ready to be discharged but not yet ready to be home on their own, the case manager will send a referral detailing what happened clinically, which medications are being administered, and anything else relevant to your loved one’s state of health. Our admissions director reads the referral and talks with the nurse director to see if Corner View can meet the patient’s needs. 

If the answer is yes, the admissions director checks the insurance and enters everything into the electronic medical record. Your loved one can then choose to come to us.

We strongly believe that recovery is better when family is involved. You’ll be familiarized with your loved one’s treatment plan and notified of any progress or changes in their condition.

That’s a real fear, and a legitimate one. While no facility (not even a hotel) offers the same independence as being at home, we believe in our patient’s autonomy and respect their independence. 

Meal choices are offered and special requests aren’t just honored, they’re encouraged. Whether it’s a crossword puzzle with breakfast, a certain way they like their coffee, or an activity they’d like to do, we do what we can to arrange it. Banking hours are offered for residents who want to “deposit” funds with us so they can “withdraw” cash whenever they like. 

And we will never force any medical treatment, including medication, on your loved one.

When your loved one has completed therapy or no longer needs 24/7 nursing care, our social services department starts setting up a safe discharge plan. Home health will visit your loved one’s home to assess it and provide care from their team. Any necessary medical equipment will be ordered and delivered before they go home. A follow-up appointment with your loved one’s primary doctor will be set up to make sure that the transition goes smoothly.

We will be in touch with you and/or your loved one after they go home to make sure all their needs are taken care of.

The Director of Nursing gives his personal cell phone number to all residents and their caregivers.

Family and friends give life meaning and joy, so we have a 24/7 visiting policy (Covid-19 permitting). We also encourage you to come and participate in any activities your loved one enjoys. In addition, we provide a private activity room where you can arrange family gatherings, parties and events.

Let us get your loved one there, faster.

When All Is Said And Done, There’s No Place Like Home.

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